Feature Films


Film:– Pune 52

Genre:– Feature Film

Duration: 122min 19sec

Producer:– Indian Magic Eye Motion Picture Pvt Ltd & Arbhaat Nirmitee

Line Producer: Blue Drop Films

Director:– Nikhil Mahajan


The year was 1992. The city, Pune. This peaceful city known as Retiree’s Haven was rapidly undergoing a sea change with the University booming and an in-flux of students the vibe of the city is becoming more vibrant, much to the dismay of the normal Punekar.

AMAR APTE is one such man who is averse to change. Whether it is in the City or whether it is in his life, Amar doesn’t easily warm upto change. He works as a full time Private Detective who specializes in spying on cheating partners, while ironically his own marriage to his college sweetheart, PRACHI is on the rocks.

Amidst constant bickering of his wife and pressures of managing a family in a not so fixed income, the only solace in AMAR’S life was the 20 – year old coin that was the only proof that even he had been a hero in real life at some point of time.

His life was ludicrous and PRACHI had successfully made him believe that he was a complete loser until the day a beautiful young woman named NEHA entered his life. One look at her and he skipped a beat.

If only, he had looked closer.

Blinded by reality, AMAR makes a choice. A choice that would alter his entire being through a web of adultery, murder and deciet. Not only would it change the man who hates change, but it would also wake up the hero within him, in the most unexpected way.

Cast & Crew:


Girish Kulkarni

Sonali Kulkarni

Bharti Achrekar

Sai Tamhankar

Kiran Karmarkar

G.P Deshpande

Guest Appearance:

Swanand Kirkire

Shrikant Yadav

Shrirang Godbole

Balaji Deshpande


Dialogue: Girish Kulkarni

VFX Partners: Toolbox Studios

DI and Lab: Prasad Labs, Mumbai

Costumes: Neha-Nupura

Production Design: Manoj Surve

Production Manager: Swapnil Bhangale (for Blue Drop)

Executive Producers: Pavan Malu, Arijit Lahiri, Suhrud Godbole, Sahil Deshmukh

Lyrics: Shrirang Godbole

Music: Hyun-jung Shim, Atif Afzal

Sound Design: Baylon Fonseca

Film Edited by: Abhijeet Balaji Deshpande

Director of Photography: Jeremy Reagan