Film:– Half a Billion Dreams

Genre:– Documentary

Duration:- 61 minutes

Format:– HD, Color

Producer:– Blue Drop Films

Director:– Nikhil Mahajan

Synopsis:– HALF A BILLION DREAMS is a film about marriage in middle class India. However, it delves deep into the minds of the Middle class Indian youth, about the internal conflicts, about the abundance of dreams and about the lack of resources to fulfil most of them. The film follows a certain Mr. Amogh Marathe, a civil engineer with a job that isn’t confirmed yet, and a marriage that is just around the corner. While the film takes the conventional love story approach, it goes deep in the mind of this bright young individual whose entire life has been revolving around this marriage, about how conveniently he has put his dreams on the back burner and how he has accepted reality, while ironically leading a painfully tiring life in the so called city of dreams, Mumbai.

From travelling in local trains to his road construction site for hours at end, to facing big-small problems on a daily basis and all this while balancing his bitter-sweet romance in a long distance relationship with his fiancee and college sweetheart, SNEHA.

The film becomes more colourful and intriguingly volatile as the marriage date comes closer, AMOGH becomes a mess of confused energy, as on one hand he is constantly on the edge because of his job and extremely elated on the other because of his wedding, to his dream girl.

After all this is perhaps the only dream of his that is coming true.

What is to be seen however is, will reality let this dream come true.

Will Amogh’s dream become real?

It might not be a big story when you look at it intrinsically, but when we realize that Amogh is the flag-bearer for half a billion youth, we see that it is not really about one dream.

It’s really about Half a Billion Dreams.